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12th-Jul-2015 09:10 pm - Save The World - One Click At A Time! [profile: intro]

On each of these websites, you can click a button to support the cause -- each click creates funding, and costs you nothing! Bookmark these sites, and click once a day!

6th-Jan-2015 11:08 pm - A new home, Dragon Age, and a girlfriend! :) [crystal, game: dragon age, life: dating, life: girlfriend]
 It's about time for my annual update (or so it seems to be about every time this year, lol. :) 

Good new, I have a fabulous girlfriend named Crystal. We went on our first date last Friday (Jan. 2nd) to Red Lobster and it was a smashing hit. :) 

Today we went to our first bogals group meeting (we play board/card games at Panera's for a few hours) and just before I left her place, I got my first kiss with her... which was fantastic! Her lips are really soft. ^////^

Anyway, she's basically the perfect girl for me, tbh. ♥ We're both into fandom, the same game, the same ships, etc. Sometimes when I spend the night, she games and I read fic or vice versa. We have a lot of fun together. <3 It's pretty much the perfect situation. We have plans to move in together in 6 months to a year (probably a year), though we had these plans to be room mates before we started dating. ^^

More good news, I finally got out of the abusive household I've been living in for years about 2-3 weeks ago. ♥ I'm living with Rei, Crystal's sister, and so far everything is great. The only problem right now is that I desperately need to get a job so I can pay my bills. ;__;

Finally, I've gotten the new Dragon Age: Inquisition game and it's pretty good! I'm on my third playthrough currently and it's been fun! I romanced Dorian first, as a qunari Inquisitor, then Sera as a human and now Solas as an elf (obviously). I enjoy the game, but I actually prefer DA2 to it. I'm not that big a fan of how open-world it is. 

Anyone else playing Dragon Age?
22nd-Aug-2014 08:51 am - Podfic: Puh For Picasso, by Nauticus [Sherlock] [fandom: sherlock, podfic, podfic: sherlock]

Fanfic Title: Puh For Picasso
Fanfic Author: Nauticus
Pairing: General/None
Rating: E for Everyone
Fanfic Summary: Their parents oftentimes think that Sherlock can't understand them, but Mycroft knows differently. Sometimes words aren't necessary.

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11th-Nov-2013 06:32 pm - YAY! I've Got A NEW Job!! [life: job, life: random]
Granted, my new job isn't as high paying as it'd been with AT&T... not that AT&T paid me a lot, but now I'm getting just about minimum wage and it's about $5 less an hour than I used to make. But, well, it's better than no money, I suppose, and I'm just glad I have a job!

Really really glad... because lately I've COMPLETELY run out of money and thus I've run out of food and have been surviving on old expired canned food and that's really not any fun at all!! O.O; Oh, the stomach aches. lol >.>;;

InfoCision also has the added benefit of being a much more professional/pleasant work enviroment and the whole first day I spent there today I was pretty much consistently wow-ed in all the best ways. ♥ I also get to warn and if that warning is ignored, hang up on people that sexually harass or threaten me on the phone! Which is awesome! So, very much yay! ♥

Today is mostly paperwork, so we'll see how it goes there. Everyone, wish me luck! I can tell I'm going to need it already.

P.S. As you can tell (if anyone is still there, aware of who I am and reading my LJ), I'm making more of an effort to be involved and update my journal (and even try to be more active in my fandoms!) lately. They might not be long entries or anything... but any effort is bettter than no effort, yeah?
31st-Oct-2013 10:50 pm - podfic: Eminence, by Cerebal (Young/Rush) [fandom: stargate universe, podfic, podfic: young/rush]
Fanfic Title: Eminence
Fanfic Author: [community profile] cerebel_fics
Pairing: Young/Rush preslash
Rating: PG-13
Fanfic Summary: It's not leaving people behind that you have a problem with," Rush announces. "You seemed willing enough to send that shuttle away, didn't you? No, you only have a problem when you're not one of the people being left." Words coming rapid-fire, accusatory, now. "Suicidal, Colonel? I'm sure I could find an airlock to help you with that." Young tenses, and he can almost feel Rush's reaction. A physical flinch, as though anticipating a blow. A half-step back.

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31st-Oct-2013 07:01 am - podfic: The Snowdens of Yesteryear, by Usataro (Shawn/Lassiter) [fandom: psych, podfic, podfic: shawn/lassiter]

Fanfic Title: The Snowdens of Yesteryear
Fanfic Author: [profile] usataro_writing
Pairing: Shawn/Lassiter
Rating: PG-13/R for dark themes
Fanfic Summary: It was a tragedy. A tragedy. A tragedy. People tell you that, but you’re not sure if they’re right. And you’re not sure if their wrong. So you trust them. And it was a tragedy. And deep down, you have to believe you’re sad about it.

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12th-Oct-2013 05:46 am - Anyone want an invite to Archive of our Own? :) [fandom: supernatural, random: archive of our own]
I probably should have asked a long time ago, but it's only just occurred to me.

Does anyone want an invite to join Archive of Our Own? I have 5 to give out and I haven't used any of them yet:


P.S. Also, hi! Long time no see. Maybe some time soon I'll update and explain everything thing's going on. Cause, yeah, I'm still here even if I'm not actually updating... well, at all, basically, anymore.

You can always PM or email me or send a message to my website (info found on my profile) if you want to get a hold of me. ♥

P.P.S. After, like, 3 years I've finally gotten back into the Supernatural fandom! Well, sort of. I mean, I'm now reading fic for it like whoa, even if I'm not really writing fic for it anymore. BUT I'M THINKING ABOUT IT! :) I might yet in the future! :)
7th-Feb-2012 06:37 pm - Someone broke into my house!! ...and I work at AT&T now. [fandom: dragon age, fandom: mass effect, life: fail, life: house break-in, life: job, life: personal problems]
[House Break In:] Someone broke into our house today. The back garage door was open, screens were ripped off the windows, and the back window was kicked in. It leads into the basement-- that's where I live. My room is in the basement! I feel violated and unsafe. ):

The strange thing is that nothing was taken that we can see. Drawers had been rummaged around in and pulled open, lights were on, doors were open that are never open (I have a compulsion about them), that cats has escaped into the basement... but nothing that we can see was taken (Thank God!).

The police say the break in makes no sense. They'd completely confounded. They keeps saying that something's off and not quite right-- that it isn't a normal break in, but no one can put their finger on what's off. This is really kind of scary. It seems like someone was looking for something specific. My laptop was out and easily within view and it was left untouched. ):

Inappropriately, the only thing that really comes to mind is a skit I once heard by Dane Cook (about 5 minutes in). He said that he once broke into someone's house, rummaged around, and took nothing. He said he couldn't help wondering what the family thought when they came home to find it. Dane Cook said if it were him, he'd never be able to stop wondering what had been taken since they were unable to identify anything. Then he gave impersonations of what their reactions would have been if it'd happened again.

[AT&T:] I'm starting my fourth week of training (out of seven) at AT&T as a Customer Service Representative. We started taking phone calls yesterday-- billing calls, the easiest kind. I've had to raise my hand for help with practically every call because even though they chose the billing option, at least half of them really wanted help with troubleshooting their phone or something else I haven't been trained with to help them with.

Yesterday I got a drunk call. The dude was not only drunk, but he was also drinking while on the phone with me! D: D: D: He claimed that he'd ordered a phone 4-5 months ago and had never received it! Why would he have waited this long to call about it?! Anyway, he said he thought his phone had come in the mail and so he'd attempted to activate it... but them his neighbor took the phone from him and said it was his own. So he called the cops and the police told him that if he didn't give his neighbor the phone, they'd arrest him? ...? What? That doesn't make sense!

[X-Box 360:] On the plus side, with the money I get from my new job, I bought myself an X-Box 360 and Mass Effect! I can't wait for Mass Effect 3 to come out! Have you heard that you'll be able to have gay relations in it now? I can't wait! I hope I love it like I do Dragon Age.
8th-Nov-2011 06:20 am - Long Time No See (A.K.A. I'm a Lurker!) [community: epic_recs, life: health, life: job, life: tattoos, random: lurking]
[Delayed Response:] Wow, I can't believe it's been something like four months since I last posted on my livejournal. o.o; I mean, I know I'm lazy, but really! *face palm* Feel free to smack me around in revenge if you like. :)

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still alive, still around (always, even if I'm mostly lurking now), and always available if you need to contact me or something. You can reach me through email (recommended), twitter, private messages, tumblr, instant messaging, and much more.

[Epic Recs:] For a long time I've been using the awesome reccing community epic_recs whenever I was in the mood for awesome fic and was too lazy to look for it myself. Now, years later, I'm actually a part of the community (I'll link you to my tag when I get one)! ♥ Starting today, you'll be able to see me reccing fic there every Tuesday! I rec Stargate: Atlantis, Supernatural (Sam/Dean, possibly Jared/Jensen), Harry Potter (Snape/Harry) and possible some small fandoms.

[Fandom Tattoos:] Here's some old-ish, but significant news: I got my first tattoo (see image below) not too far back and it was a fandom related one-- Harry Potter to be exact. I got it on my foot and let me tell you that hurt like HELL. XD No fat or muscle, just skin and bone? Ouch! On that note, I'm proud to report that I didn't cry and apparently did really good-- though, my leg kept twitching so if the lines look shaky, that's my fault.

One a slightly more depressing note, my foot proceeded to immediately become infected thereafter and thus began a long, swollen, painful process of healing the damn thing. Now that everything is said and done, however, I must admit that I'm quite proud of it and it's now my favorite part of my body. I'm already considering what I'm gonna get next!

For my second tattoo... hm, I'm not sure. I know I've going to get a stargate on my stomach (to cover the scar from surgery) eventually. I want to get a Dragon Age tattoo on the back of my neck. I'd like to get a really elegant Dumbledore quote, but I think it's too long... ;__; I'm planning on a Star Trek one eventually... Geez, look at me! One tattoo and already I want more, more, more! So greedy! xD

[Life/Career:] These days I'm volunteering for GLO (a re-entry program that helps ex-convicts back into society) until they become stabilized enough with the medicare and medicaid that they're able to pay me-- I've already signed a contract.

In the meantime I've not been doing much else that's particularly relevant. I had a nasty reaction to some medication (damn doctor, he KNEW how I'd react-- it's the last straw! I will NEVER being going back there) and ended up in the hospital for about a week, but other than that I've been reading fic, reccing fic, playing video games, contemplating NaNoWriMo (I signed up, but I don't think I'll be able to finish on time), and watching stuff (I really like ABC's new Once Upon A Time!).
23rd-Jul-2011 10:35 pm - Now the battle awaits us. Na via lerno victoria. 'Only the living know victory.' Fight well. [fandom: dragon age, random: unintended hiatus]
Hey everyone. Sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything. It's been... well, depressing. I've been busy looking for a job, but economy sucks. In between that (and hanging with Mama), I've been obsessively playing Dragon Age and immersing myself entire in the game.

So much so, in fact, that I've begun commissioning artwork for it! ♥ I'll post links to them when I get the final versions. :) Fenris and Zevran, my boys! ♥

Note: In both Dragon Age 1 and 2, you can romance other characters regardless of most sexual orientations-- yes, that means gay, straight, and lesbian. --There's even a chaste (sexless) relationship in Dragon Age 2. ♥

Opening Summary about Dragon Age (Origins): The Chantry teaches us that it is the hubris of men which brought the darkspawn into our world. The mages had sought to usurp Heaven. But instead, they destroyed it. They were cast out, twisted and cursed by their own corruption. They returned as monsters, the first of the darkspawn. They became a blight upon the lands, unstoppable and relentless. The dwarven kingdoms were the first to fall. And from the deep roads, the darkspawn drove at us again and again, until finally we neared annihilation... until the Grey Wardens came. Men and women from every race, warriors and mages, barbarians and kings, the Grey Wardens sacrificed everything to stem the tide of darkness, and prevailed. It has been four centuries since that victory, and we have kept our vigil. We have watched and waited for the darkspawn to return. But those, who once called us heroes, have forgotten. We are few now, and our warnings have been ignored for too long. It may even be too late, for I have seen with my own eyes what lies upon the horizon. Maker help us all.
19th-Apr-2011 06:00 pm - ): [family: mom, life: fail, life: personal problems]
I just found out my mom is dying.
23rd-Feb-2011 10:54 pm - [ICONS:] 82 Glee Icons [fandom: glee, graphics: icons, pairing: karofsky/kurt]
Hey guys! Sorry I'm so late to deliver this promised batch of Glee icons. *hangs head in shame* I lost my motivation somewhere along the way and it was bitch trying to find it again... well, until last night's episode. xD Ordinarily, I'm very disapproving of drinking alcohol just to get drunk but... it didn't bother me in last night's episode, oddly enough. Actually, I really liked the episode a lot! It motivated me to finish this batch of icons! \o/ Yay, Glee!

The majority of Glee icons in this post are generalized and not focused on any specific ship or pairing. I did, however, mark off a section for Karofsky/Kurtofsky because it is my OTP (despite the fact that there's only 18 icons for them), though. :)

Oh yeah! Please feel free to request a specific icon in the comments below. ♥ I'll make it for you! >D The only rule is that you don't request more than 2 icons per post (unless I give you permission to do otherwise, obviously). ^^

Click here to view the icons! )
9th-Feb-2011 07:43 pm - [ICONS:] 57 Glee Icons, mainly featuring Karofsky! ♥ [fandom: glee, graphics: icons, pairing: karofsky/kurt]
Well, first things first: I finally broke down and got myself a TUMBLR account! :D Please add me if you have one (and let me know it's you so I can add you back)! ♥

So, after the Super Bowl episode of Glee, I found that I'd finally gained a favorite character! ♥ Before this, I'd watched Glee and loved it, but none of the characters fit into my specific favorite trope: The JerkAss Woobie (warning: TV Tropes). No, seriously, I've noticed that almost every single one of my most favorite characters fits this trope perfectly. I'm slightly worried about it. xD

Anyway, directly after the episode, "Never Been Kissed", I found myself somewhat infatuated with Karofsky. Unfortunately, his actions after that episode vaguely creeped me out and it wasn't until the Super Bowl episode that I could finally get a good feel of him. I loved what I saw. I've been obsessing over this boy ever since then! xD So, it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that I made icons! :D

I'll warn everyone right now. Most of these icons are of Karofsky. There are a few of regular Glee members and perhaps one or two Kurtofsky ones... I had actually intended (and I still do) to make more icons then this, but... Well, the afternoon I created them, I received some bad news that killed my motivation. The ending result was that everything I tried to make after that point was complete shit. So, I just finished up for the night. There should be more generalized Glee ones later. Probably. ^^;

Click here to check out the icons! )

Note: I'm aware that there are a lot of people out there that absolutely hate Karofsky (and the idea of Kurtofsky). I'm sorry that it makes you uncomfortable, but I honestly don't think he's as horrible as most are making him out to be (see the first link below)-- he's just misguided and scared (check out the second link below). I absolutely do not condone or consider any of the bullying he's done to be acceptable in any sense of the word. Merely, I'm trying to say that he's a teenager and we all make mistakes.

I honestly don't care whether Karofsky/Kurt ever happens in the show (although, that would be a lovely bonus if it's handled appropriately). What I want to see in Glee, more than anything, is Dave Karofsky finding redemption and learning to not only accept, but love who he is. That's right, people, I ship Karofsky/HAPPINESS.

A few interesting Meta articles about Karofsky:

The Worst Human Being in the History of Ever and Why He's Probably Not

A New Way To View The Locker Room Incident
21st-Jan-2011 02:21 am - [ICONS:] 100+ Xena Icons featuring Karl Urban (McCoy) as Cupid! [actor: karl urban, fandom: xena, graphics: icons]
As of lately, I've become obsessed with re-watching Xena: Warrior Princess. I can't even begin to describe just how much I honestly love that show! It's campy, completely unrealistic, and so full of gay that I can hardly contain myself.

Not to mention that my number one favorite femslash ship? Xena/Gabrielle, of course! My first slash ship? Ares/Joxer (don't judge me!) and Cupid/Strife.

Speaking of Cupid... Are you Star Trek (reboot) fans aware that Karl Urban (the actor who played McCoy in the 2009 Star Trek movie) played Cupid on Xena? Yeah, that's right. Mr. Snarky was all dressed up in a scantily clad outfit equipped with wings. Want to see what it looked like? Come on in and find out! ^.~

Check out Karl Urban (McCoy) in his Cupid outfit! :) )

NOTE: If you're one of the few Xena fans out there and you feel I've left out one of your favorite characters (or you simply have a Xena-related picture you've been wanting for an icon), feel free to ask me to make one for you! I'd be most appreciative if you provided a link for the picture you'd like me to use. x3
11th-Jan-2011 02:59 pm - After 9 Months of Lazing About, I'm Gonna Try To Write Again! [fandom: supernatural, pairing: dean/castiel, project: ace manifesto, topic: asexuality]
[ACE MANIFESTO PROJECT:] After a long extended break from writing (it's been 9 months! NINE! OMG, that's horrible!), I've tentatively decided that I'd like to start writing again because I really miss it. Writing fic was fun and I loved doing it (despite how frustrating it sometimes was to get the words out). Unfortunately, I've gotten pretty rusty at it *face palm* and I'm usually unsatisfied with my results.

So, I've decided to start with something smaller! I'm going to participate in the Ace Manifesto Project from asexual_fandom at DW. \O/

Now, as many of you already know (or don't, if we chat rarely), I'm a panromantic asexual. So, the idea of the aforementioned Manifesto (and of an asexual fandom in general) is absolutely superb to me. >w< *flails excitedly* So, here's an excerpt to explain the challenge:

"Basically, many of us here from asexual_fandom have particular characters who we like to think are asexual (click the link if' you're interested in learning about asexuality). We are going to write manifestos (modeled on ship_manifesto, whyilikethisship, and similar communities) in order to talk about why we read certain characters as asexual, to try to convince other people to do the same and encourage fanworks, and to find people who share our convictions."

So, the character I'm choosing to write about? Well, it's Castiel, of course! ^^ I'm really excited about this-- it's the first time I'll be writing Meta with the intention of actually posting it (and not hiding it!).

Anyone up to talking with me about the possibility of Castiel being asexual? You have to admit, it's an interesting concept:

In what ways would Castiel's asexuality affect the D/C relationship (assuming there is one)? How would Dean, being the highly sexual person he is, react (both initially and thereafter) to the news? Would he be so entirely disbelieving to the concept that he'd go about trying to prove Cas wrong by provoking arousal? Would he fly off the handle and end their relationship? Or would he try to preserve their relationship and attempt to suppress his sexual urges when he's around Cas? Think about it-- it's fascinating to imagine.

I've actually been toying with the idea of writing a fic somewhere along these lines (who better to write about asexuality than an asexual, eh?) I've always wanted to read that fic, so maybe I'll write it just so I can! What do guys think? ^^
10th-Jan-2011 08:40 pm - Excuses, Excues: I'M BAAAAACK! :D [random: cross posting, random: dreamwidth, random: excuses]
Okay, guys, I apologize for it looking like I went AWOL and was never heard of again on here. The reason I've been so AWOL here is because I was posting frequently on LJ and then, eventually, on Dreamwidth. I'm sorry for all the neglect my non-existant friends!

If you're curious to hear about what's gone down during the time I haven't been posting here, feel free to use the links above to satiate your curiosity!

Oh, and never fear! This blog will be updated from now on. I've learned how to utilize DW's cross-posting ability and suddenly my life is SO much easier now! :) Yay!

I was planning on copy and pasting all the entries I'd neglected to post here, but when I ended up going back more than 15 pages on my LJ to find the entry I left off on... well, let's just say that amount is a bit too intimidating for me right now when I'm only running on 2 hours of sleep from the last two days! :)

Anyway, I'm sure none of you even really noticed I was gone, but hopefully I'll be able to use this blog to it's fullest from now on. :)
8th-Sep-2009 02:40 pm - My LJ Community: Vamp_Opheliac [For Fanfics] [fic: bbw, friends: allison, pairing: kirk/spock, update: vamp_opheliac]
Okay, this is definitely not going to be a long post or anything. I just wanted to take a moment to advertise a community I made awhile ago.

It's called [info]vamp_opheliac and it was made so we'd have a place to put all of our co-written fanfiction. Who's we? When I say we, I am referring to myself and [info]wolflikeme1!

A few months ago we put our heads together and decided we were going to write a Kirk/Spock fanfic together. Not just any Kirk/Spock fanfic, but an epic one featuring mpreg. <3 The fic is going to be huge- at least 50,000 words with the good possibility of a sequel in it's future. xD I'm also going to make some manips, commission some art, make a soundtrack, wallpaper, icons and a podfic for it. I'm still working on it's layout too. After we finish those, we're probably going to be working on other ones (of different fandoms, possibly).

Read the summary for the Kirk/Spock fic... )

You can't read anything on it yet (we do have some of the fanfic up there but it's friendslocked right now. We don't intend to release it until it's either completed or mostly completed. Sorry. If you're interested, though, feel free to watch the community and find out when it's been opened on your flist. <3 You can also wait for me to post here and advertise / tell you that it's been opened too, I suppose. xP Either way, heads up.
13th-Aug-2009 02:42 pm - Axis Powers Hetalia! <3 [fandom: aph (axis powers hetalia)]

Has anyone else heard of this relatively new anime / webcast? *beams* I love it so much it hurts. It's HILARIOUS. <3

What's it about? Well... think back to your high school days in History class. Now remember the Axis Powers? Okay, now add parody anime into the equation. ^___^ Make sure the parody contains humanoid versions of each country where their stereotypes make up their personality. What do we have?

Italy = Very weak, always gives up, obsessed with pasta, an artist (and singer).

America = Always wants to be the hero, constantly eating burgers, worried about his weight.

Japan = Very polite guy, answers are ambiguous but always mean "no."

Click here to find out about more characters! )

And so on and so forth. There are a LOT of countries in this show and each of them are hilariously endearing. <3 The best (or possibly the saddest) thing is, each episode is only 5 minutes long- so all of you should have small amount of time put aside to at least give it a try. ^___^

Click here to watch a short (5 min) episode! )
So, what do you think? <3 (Also, sorry for poorish quality- I tried to upload mine but it was missing the subtitle track. DX)
12th-Aug-2009 02:40 pm - Blantant Manipulat- I mean, Advertisement! [fandom: review, fic: recs, friends: allison, life: birthday, life: job, life: personal events]
[ADVERTISEMENT:] So, I have a really cool friend, right? Her name is [info]wolflikeme1. And she came up with this really cool idea (which was inspired by someone else's rather nifty idea). ^___^ So, she made a community ([info]slash_fangirls) for it on LJ. What type of community? Well, I'm glad you asked! Basically, it's for people to review a fandom show (and the extent of slash within it). I think it's a pretty neat idea, actually. <3

So, basically, you should all pop on over and join. And review. And comment about it. <3 We would love to hear your input, if you don't mind. xP

[BIRTHDAY:] Yeah, because I like to hear the sound of my own voice (er... text?), I'm going to shout it out again (what? I'm excited!). MY BIRTHDAY IS IN TWO DAYS- this Friday! *beams* XD I'll be 21! <3

Also, for a moment of outrage! I just received a birthday card in the mail from my family. And the letter was basically open when I got it. =/ So, I called them up and apparently they'd put $50 in it and someone stole it before it even got to me. ASSHOLES. D< WTF? SERIOUSLY. *rages*

[JOB TEST THING:] A couple days ago, I had to go in and take this bizarre (in my opinion) test to try out for a job interview. I passed but I thought it was really weird. There was almost 200 questions featuring yourself (like: do you ever use people and take advantage of them? or: do you often have trouble controlling your rage?). Seriously, wtf? Do you really think I'm going to admit it to you if I really am a manipulative little bitch with anger management issues (hello, manipulative!)? o.O

[FANDOM:] So, actually, I'm reading this really amazing McShep fanfic! It's called Aegis and it's written by [info]leahwoof. It's actually really long (like 90k) but it's really good. I knew it would be because I've read a lot of their fics before (I really love the robot!verse). If you like interesting plots and McShep, you should definitely check out this fic. <3

Click here to read the summary for Aegis... )
7th-Aug-2009 02:38 pm - My Birthday Is In 7 Days! >w [fandom: star trek, life: birthday, life: personal events, livejournal: layout]
[BIRTHDAY:] Yeah, so, MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 7 DAYS! :D Yay! I'll be 21 years old. It's the last big birthday I'll probably ever be proud of celebrating. <3

I told my Grandparents that I wanted a new external hard drive for my birthday. I want one that holds a terrabyte of space. The one I have currently holds 450 gig and while that sounds like a lot of space, it actually really isn't. I've been running out of space on that thing for months. I keep having to delete things off it that I haven't wanted to delete. ;__; Ah well, hopefully that will change. <3 *excited*

I think they may also be getting me a new mouse for my laptop (the black one from here) because my Grandma keeps following me around with a coupon for them and asking me which one I liked most... in a way that wasn't really very subtle. xD I love my Grandma. <3

Also, I'm looking forward to getting to find out what wine tastes like. I've never had it before and I've always wondered. I don't think I'm going to like it, actually, and I have no intention then trying more then a sip or two. I'm just curious and now that I'm of legal age to find out, I'd like to know. Does anyone have any suggestions about which wines they like best? Something sweet, maybe?

[LAYOUT:] Also, did anyone notice the change of layout? >W< I was bored with the last one so I decided to get a new one. The actual layout itself is from [info]gawariel_design! She makes really cool layouts. <3 I basically just changed around the header and footer image. <3 I spent just a little bit of time on it, so, it's not really very great or anything... but I like it. Also? The header image isn't permanent. I'm currently commissioning an artist for a Kirk/Spock image and I intend to use it on the layout. <3 The image with Snape and two girls in the header image is another pic I commissioned once upon a time. ^___^ I'm the one with the multi-colored hair. So, anyway, what do you think?
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